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What Causes Hypertensive Chronic Kidney Disease

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What Causes Hypertensive Chronic Kidney Disease

Hypertensive Nephropathy (or “Hypertensive Nephrosclerosis”, or “Hypertensive Renal Disease”) is a medical condition referring to kidney damage due to chronic high blood pressure.

What causes Hypertensive Chronic Kidney Disease?


Effects of Xarelto on One Kidney

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Xarelto is an anticoagulant (blood thinner) that prevents the formation of blood clots. However, if you have kidney disease, you are should be very cautious about its dosages. I will explain to you in the following passages. Any questions, please email to or consult the doctors online directly.
Effects of Xarelto on kidney


Pain and Muscle Cramps in Kidney Disease

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Kidney is one of the most organs of our body. It have many functions, including filtering wastes and toxins, maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance, regulating blood pressure, etc. When the kidneys are damaged, they will cause some symptoms. Can pain and muscle cramps be associated with kidney disease?


How to Manage Erratic Blood Pressure for PKD Patients

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Along with back pain or kidney pain, high blood pressure or erratic blood pressure is usually the first sign of Polycystic Kidney Disease. If uncontrolled effectively, erratic blood pressure can induce further kidney damage and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Then, it is important to manage erratic blood pressure for PKD patients.


Early Signals of Chronic Kidney Disease

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Early Signals of Chronic Kidney Disease

We all know that the kidneys are the main organs in the body, they work as cleaners, to remove those toxin, excessive water and metabolic products from the blood. The kidneys are so important, so we should pay close attention to their health. While how can we judge if the kidneys are healthy or not?


It is Important to Add Moisture Prevention of Renal Failure

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Grows in tropical and subtropical regions, less water and fewer people are often urinary excretion of urinary tract inflammation hyperuricemia, or have certain metabolic diseases. If (calcium sarcoidosis disease hyperparathyroidism, Cushing syndrome, chronic intestinal disease) per capita prone to kidney stones, kidney stones may cause obstructive hydronephrosis and then kidney function decline.


The reason and treatment for edema occur in Chronic Kidney Disease

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Chronic Kidney Disease patients often suffer from edema which can lead to difficult to move, terrible-looking and other problems. Today we will have a clear introduction about the reason and treatment for the Chronic Kidney Disease patients with edema. Only when we know the causes, we can cure the disease from root.


Treatment for High Blood Pressure in Nephritis

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Nephritis is the inflammatory change of kidney innate tissues which is caused by the immune-mediated inflammatory mediator, and the inflammatory will lead to kidney function decline at different degree. This inflammatory is caused by many kinds of pathogenesis and during the chronic process of the disease, some non-immunized and non-inflammatory mechanisms also cause damage to the kidney. And Nephritis is easy to lead to high blood pressure which is hard to control and cause damage to heart, brain, kidney and other viscera. More seriously, it can lead to kidney failure


How to Reduce High Blood Pressure With Stage 3 CKD

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In Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease, nearly half of or more kidney functioning tissues have lost. Therefore, kidneys are unable to regulate blood pressure and maintain fluid retention. Then, high blood pressure occurs. If uncontrolled effectively, high blood pressure will speed the progress of kidney disease. Today, let’s learn how to lower hypertension with Stage 3 CKD.


The Diet for Polycystic Kidney Disease Patients with Blood Urine

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We often received letter form Polycystic Kidney Disease patients asking the diet for blood urine. Blood urine is caused by the cysts giving pressure to the kidney which will lead to the hypoxia-ischemia of kidney innate cells, damaging their function of filter and barrier, so blood are leaked to urine, forming blood urine. For Polycystic Kidney Disease patients, they can not cure the disease from root for it is a genetic disease, and the only thing they can do is to control the renal cysts


How Long Will Nephritis Take for Complete Recovery

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Chronic Nephritis also called chronic glomerulonephritis is characterized by proteinuria, hematuria, high blood pressure and swelling. Generally, nephritis patients have different degrees of kidney function decline. As introduced by nephrologists, chronic nephritis has the tendency of kidney function worsening and may develop into kidney failure eventually.


Can Chronic Kidney Disease Cause Pulmonary Edema

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Chronic Kidney Disease refers to a progressive disease about gradual decline of renal function. And edema is a common symptom for kidney disease patients. And it may appear at any part of the body. Well then, can kidney disease cause pulmonary edema?


Can Tetley Tea Reduce High Blood Pressure for Kidney Disease Patients

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High blood pressure can be either the cause or complication of kidney disease. If kidney disease is caused by a long history of hypertension, we call it Hypertensive Nephropathy. Tetley tea is made in a British company that may be liked by many people, but is it a good choice to reduce high blood pressure for kidney patients?


Is Advanced Kidney Disease Uncomfortable

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Advanced kidney disease indicates kidneys are functioning at 15% or less. In this case, more and more waste products and toxins deposit in the blood, and patients will have a series of symptoms and complications. Then, is advanced kidney disease uncomfortable?

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