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Is Micro-Chinese Osmotherapy Helpful for Kidney Disease Patient with Creatinine 3.3

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Is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy helpful for kidney disease patient with creatinine 3.3 ? As we all know, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one of the most effective treatment of kidney disease, it can help patient avoid dialysis and renal transplant by improving the kidney function. However, just like other treatments, it also has some taboos.


Chinese Herbs to Restore Kidney Function for CKD Patients

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a history of 5,000 years, which are widely used to treat numerous diseases and relieve symptoms. Nowadays, Chinese herbs have been proven an effective way to treat chronic kidney disease. Different herbs show different natural ability in kidney management.


How to Treat Kidney Disease by Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

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How to treat kidney disease by Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy ? It is known that this kind of therapy has remarkable effect in treating kidney disease, but as for how can it treat kidney disease most of the people say no. The following are some related information to this quest, hoping you can learn something from it.


My Father Creatinine is 3.3 is the Micro-Chinese Osmotherapy Recommended for Him

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My father is a kidney disease patient and now his creatinine level has up to 3.3, i heard that Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has good effect in treating kidney disease but it also has some taboos. I want to know is this therapy recommended for my father ?


Can Exercise Increase GFR in Chronic Kidney Disease

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Kidneys have not self-healing function, so even exercise can not increase the GFR for Chronic Kidney Disease patients. But exercise still is necessary for it can strength the immunity of patients and increase the appetite, decreasing some pains. All in all, Chronic Kidney Disease patients need the healthy life style.

The sports should be endurance exercise and moderate strength exercise majored


Treatment to Improve Kidney Function 40%: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

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Can kidney function 40% still be improved? The best kidney disease treatment refers to the one which can help patients save their own kidneys and live a normal life without dialysis and kidney transplant through recovering kidney function, a Chinese expert says. Well, what do you think of it?
40% kidney function can tell the condition has already developed in stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease, which means the moderate reduction of kidney function. Patients should know that stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease still has the possibility to be reversed


The Cost and Duration of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

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How much is the approximate cost and how long is the duration of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy? If you are experiencing chronic kidney disease, polycystic kidney disease, diabetic nephropathy, iga nephropathy, FSGS or other types of kidney diseases, you must have heard this Chinese osmotherapy. This is because thousands of kidney patients have get obvious remission or even recovery from this therapy every year all over the world.


Chinese Enema Method

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Chinese Enema Method

Chinese enema method has long history. Based on historical records, this therapy has been used since Han Dynasty. It is a method to treat various diseases, which is similar to western colon dialysis. It is an effective treatment for Chronic #Kidney Disease (#CKD).

How does Chinese enema work on kidney disease?


Can I Take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in Beijing

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Answer: Even though Micro-Chinese Medicine is a new treatment for various kidney disease, it has been widely used in China and becomes more and more popular around the world. However, this innovative therapy is only available in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, located in the capital city of Herbei Province. This city is close to Beijing. You can go here by train that will take you about one half an hour.


Chinese Medicine to Treat Night Sweats for Kidney Disease Patients

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Night sweats usually have a close link with kidney problem, although some other disorders can also cause this symptom. Chinese medicine can help treat night sweats for chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients.


How Fast Can Kidney Disease Kill You

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The progress rate and characteristics classify kidney disease into two types: chronic kidney disease and acute kidney disease. With the aggravation of patients’ illness condition, they may be faced by various problems and discomforts. Then, they must ask “how fast can kidney disease kill me”.


Can Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease Drink Lemon Juice

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Lemon, belonging to fruits, is rich in nutrients and has very high medical value. It contains much calcium, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and so on. Thus, some people ask if patients with Chronic Kidney Disease can drink lemon juice? Do not worry. In fact, lemon juice is beneficial to the patients with chronic kidney disease. Why? Please see the following.


Chinese Medicines Help Increase Urine Output And Lower High Creatinine Effectively

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Chinese Medicines Help Increase Urine Output And Lower High Creatinine Effectively
Chinese herbal medicines have effective treatment in healing kidney disease and has won the supports of people from many countries.

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